How to buy Mariah Carey's Pride collection |

Friday 31 May 2024

How to buy Mariah Carey's Pride collection

With an album called Rainbow, future Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer Mariah Carey releasing a Gay Pride collection with Amazon seems like a no-brainer. Here's how you can find the collection - which, yes, does include Rainbow-branded pieces as well.

Beginning today, May 31, you can visit Amazon's official Mariah Carey Pride 2024 site here to check out the items on offer, which include:

A white t-shirt featuring Mariah Carey's Rainbow album artwork on the front. A white t-shirt featuring a multicolor Mariah Carey heart graphic on the front with a graphic of a martini and "MC" text on the back, along with Mariah's lyric, "Baby, It's A Wrap!" A cream hoodie with a rainbow Mariah Carey graphic on the front and the Rainbow cover on the back. A pink-and-white trucker hat with multicolor Mariah Carey screen print artwork.

That's just a sample of the millennial nostalgia-baiting collection, which also features hand fans, a drinking tumbler, and, of course, the Mariah Carey Funko Pop! figurine.

Despite having cultivated a reputation as queen of the winter holidays, it looks like Carey'sinvincible legacy travels well. She's also been busy this year, appearing on the remix of Muni Long's hit "Made For Me", collaborating with whistle-tone successor Ariana Grande on "Yes And?" and adding eight new dates to her Las Vegas residency.


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