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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,257) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Lol. I probably should have saved my regular closing emoji for that post. I am just wondering if there is a group of music industry heads who have it out to deny MC of these huge music accomplishments like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hot 100 airplay and the Grammys. I won't mention his name though. You know the one who went back to the party looking for MC.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 23:11)
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Natural Mariah (106,256) by Jamie from UK
I just saw this on Instagram. Bit out of season but I love how natural and effortless she is here. She was so cool without even trying to be cool.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 18:50)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,255) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
RA you're too sweet with the heart emoji after "are you kidding me" hahah. But ya I'm shocked MC didn't get it. I thought she had it in the bag.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 18:10)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,254) by Lee from USA
How am I wrong? People aren't supporting her. Besides, where was she when Emimen and others said worse things about Mariah?
(Monday 22 April 2024; 14:05)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,253) by C from United States
This is such an ugly statement dropping in misogynoir. Mariah wouldn’t support this
(Monday 22 April 2024; 13:06)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,252) by Lee from USA
Tell me about it. Mary has virtually no fans outside of the USA. She only wins accolades out of pity whereas Mariah is selling out concerts. Our girl has met 3 US presidents and gets worshipped by other celebrities.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 11:21)
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,251) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Mary J. Blige got it before Mariah. What? Are you kidding me?
(Monday 22 April 2024; 11:03)
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Mariah's moves (106,250) by Lainsky from Philippines
It was the first time I saw this video of her from one of her concert tours during the Butterfly era. She's so graceful and beautiful in her natural curls. I truly love this performance dancing sexily with class while showing off her great vocals. I believe she can still do these moves in her concerts and perform for her fans like she used to. The truth is, it is a bit painful to watch the video clips and uploaded videos of her current performances from TCOM. I don't mind her lipsyncing but what about performing something like this that surely will entertain the audience? Just saying. Don't get me wrong. I still love her and will always be a fan. But the paying people deserve more than what she's showcasing at the moment.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 05:16)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (106,249) by dicky kw from indonesia
Mimi didn't make it.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 04:16)
TEOM concerts (106,248) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
I think this generation has forgotten how brilliant Mariah was in her prime in the 90's, and the general public isn't that critical anymore against Mariah because she is not of a big interest in the general cultural canon, these days, except around Christmas. I think the people who genuinely gets upset because of all the lip synching, is the hardcore fans who have followed her for years. I am upset too, but still get very exited every time she actually does something live.

I'm still a fan and still very much interested in everything Mariah does, it gives me mostly joy to be lamb, as I guess is the case for most of the people on this board.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 01:13)
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Vegas video on YouTube (106,247) by Steve from USA
So, I stumbled onto a video of the entire show on YouTube. I'd seen some of the clips and was cringing a bit. Whatever was going on in those clips isn't anymore. It seems to me like it's 100% live, and she's changing notes where she needs to. Part of the reason I think that is the playback bits tend to not be so noticeable when you're actually at the concert, but pretty evident on these phone videos. I can't detect any back and forth at all - all the vocals are consistent. Perhaps some of the whistles are pre-recorded which would be sorta understandable. But I think that's pretty much it. Cheers lambs.
(Monday 22 April 2024; 00:21)
The Celebration completely 100% sold out (106,246) by Robert-Anthony from United States
The audience is having fun alone with MC. She brought out Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks last night. It is funny her first few shows are always rocky and then the rest of them are spot on. I think her perception of how the audience will react to her really causes MC a little anxiety during the first few shows. I am glad her shows are selling out.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 23:23)
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The Celebration completely 100% sold out (106,245) by jaker20 from US
So they added the summer dates which is now 70% sold out. The GP just loves Mariah that's just the fact. Mariah actually seems like she's having a great time, and this time no longer needing anyone to walk. With the 30th anniversary of M Christmas, I know she'll have a lot in store. It's going to be another big year for her. If there's new music, I feel like it will be on the first quarter of 2025 because this year is stacked. I want that missing D'Brat song to be found and released.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 22:26)
TEOM concerts (106,244) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Videos from 4/20 really proves MC is singing live 98% of the time. Her voice has really improved from this time last year. And her tone now is so beautiful with warm and smoothing tones. I hope she gets an album out soon.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 17:58)
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Lenny Kravitz Human (106,243) by MusicfanJ from Germany
I just heard his new song on the radio. What a cool song with a good and positive vibe with lyrics which are clean and not vulgar. Plus a real melody. Thanks to Mr. Kravitz that he brings back music that is music and not just "modern noise". I don't know if he and Mariah are really dating, but I would love a true duet from them both. Forget Bruno Mars and Co. Mariah and Lenny would rock and roll. And we could get a duets album.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 17:10)
TEOM concerts (106,242) by Zachariah from Croatia
I totally disagree. I watched all of the close videos from last concert and I can not see any lip syncing anywhere, especially, as you stated, the whole performance.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 11:13)
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Anytime you need a friend (106,241) by MusicfanJ from Germany
Since I'm celebrating MB30 endlessly , I'm still amazed and always will about AYNAF. One of her best songs for sure. Mariah at her best, the melody, the lyrics and the outstanding voice that touches my heart until today. The Price sisters were wonderful too.

On a side note: I love Mariah's stage presence. I've seen her four times and everyone was enchanted. She's not an entertainer but her aura is magical. She was rocking the Charmbracelet tour and the Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. Of course many others too, I just mentioned the ones I visited. With the Vegas concerts, I also think it's not really Mariah's thing. She needs to be creative again (in the future) as someone allready said. Mariah will surprise us, I'm sure.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 10:17)
TEOM concerts (106,240) by Sasha from Nomansland
I came to the same conclusion as you. At least now I understand why she keeps her eyes glued to the teleprompter the entire show.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 09:41)
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TEOM concerts (106,239) by Xavier mariohmix from Spain
Ok. So if you see this video containing the whole concert from that perspective, you would think that there could be some lipping, but the rest would be mainly live. But if you see all the Mariah videos from the first concert uploaded 7/8 days ago on this channel, you truly can see the real thing happening, that is, she's lipping everything except for 5 specific moments throughout the entire concert. The recordings are so zoomed-in that it is so evident. Besides, sometimes she skips phrases, she starts miming two seconds later or she's just too lazy to pretend to be making an effort on the belting parts. As I said before, at least, we have new high-quality recordings of most of the songs.

To be honest, I became aware of the lipping thing (you know, the lipped parts of some songs) back in 2008. At that moment and after analyzing so many performances, I realized that she had been doing it from 1997 (the belted section of Honey at Top of the Pops, for example). It was a total and complete letdown, and I took my time to process it.

I'm a huge fan and I'll always be. I'll keep following her forever. For sure, she uses lipping for whatever reasons, some of them have been explained or theorized here and I can agree with them, but it is a fact. And right now it has come to a point where almost the whole thing is. Anyway, we love her.
(Sunday 21 April 2024; 01:39)
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TEOM concerts (106,238) by TJ from Norway
I might be blonde, but after watching a lot if clips on YouTube I don't believe that she lipped like 90 percent of the show. I know this is a little late, after all the fuzz on the board. Peace.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 22:26)
Mariah (106,237) by jaker20 from US
These supposed jokes about Mariah's size stopped being funny 10 years ago. It is super strange to me that it's almost always coming from men.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 21:51)
Robert Anthony (106,236) by Shezz from Pk
Underneath it all, she is a creator and an artist. She will not always be happy with just these Vegas and Christmas shows. Whatever is preventing or delaying the inevitable will soon pass.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 17:26)
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Someday (106,235) by MusicfanJ from Germany
Yes, I was surprised too. I think it wasn't a single. Maybe the store manager was a fan. I also often [hear] Emotions, must be a favorite for shopping playlists.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 12:28)
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Robert Anthony (106,234) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Thank you, Shezz. I am going to try to keep hope alive. I hope we will see some type of new release this year. Until then, I am ready for a summer vacation. I have eight more weeks until I can get a break.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 11:37)
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Las Vegas (106,233) by Mara from United States
I have to agree BFF. You can look at her on stage and not see one vein pop or eyebrow raise, funny face that comes with singing live, nothing. Not to criticize - just an observation. We don't know what could be going on behind the scenes. I often wonder if M has Lupus or an autoimmune disease like it. Please don't come after me for just wondering. I have Lupus myself and know how stiff you can feel, exhausted, fluxuation in appearance and whatnot. I remember years back when M stated she got carpal tunnel syndrome after the twins were born. I also got that and had surgery for it, leading into my diagnosis of Lupus thereafter. I'm not saying she has that at all, just that we as the public have no idea what people are dealing with behind closed doors. Only what they choose to share with us. Maybe she doesn't want to give it up and this is the best she can do at this point but the cost I have to say is so high right now. I'd love to go out to Vegas and see this amazing setlist in the flesh but I don't know if it's possible right now. Maybe she will take this on a traveling tour. One can only hope. I honestly being a huge MC fan since her debut, I would go out and enjoy watching her on stage and adding in whatever live vocals she can do at this point. I know she still has it in her, she just needs to believe in herself to attempt or risk those notes. Her energy or lack of could be multiple reasons. She looks amazing though.
(Saturday 20 April 2024; 05:37)
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