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#1 Relevance, new album (106,792) by Randy from USA
Let me hop on in here. I have read in a magazine that only a true fan would know the difference between Fantasy, Honey and Heartbreaker. Also, when I used to argue with Whitney Houston stans in the late 90s/early 00s that yes Whitney is consistent on stage but MC has more number 1s, their argument would be most of MCs are forgotten. If you can find a non-fan that knows all of the words to I Don't Wanna Cry or TGIFY I'd be shocked. I'm from the last generation and I'm also a chart nerd. We pushed a lot of number ones by buying physical singles to albums we already had. The airplay was minimal on her song before the single was released. Hell, we do it now. How many times have I come on here to see people begging us to stay up all night streaming something. Now here's where I completely contradict what I just said. I have had a horrible school year and am leaving my present school. So I've been playing death songs on my smart board. You know, One Sweet Day, Crossroads by Bone Thugs. Well, Bye Bye was playing and the office clerk who is half my age ran into my room and started singing it. I was floored. I said what do you know about this song. She said it's among her favorites. Mine too even [though] this board constantly decimates it because it didn't go to number one. That's an argument for another day. I guess my point is there is truth to both sides of the argument. Songs are over pushed by fans (come on you all Loverboy made it to #2) but then there are factors that make a song more relevant than a chart position shows (come on you all Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun stalled at #2). New album. It's so funny because I feel like everyone wants MC to create SZA, HER and Muni Long vibes. I am thinking [Barbra] Streisand, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross. I don't wanna be ageist but Mariah is 55 years old and you all want her on trends with the hottest producers? I do think MC needs to release an album because her fan base grew up on albums. Cardi B can release singles for years continuously promising she's working on an album. Mariah can't do that, hopping on remixes late is kinda silly. But whatever. Carey-on.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 13:11)
The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,791) by Robert-Anthony from United States
"Processing in their voices" is what Max Martin is known for doing when he produces an artist's vocals. It is the Max Martin effect that he does give the song that electronic or trance feel?
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 06:00)
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She has been practicing lip synching (106,790) by Robert-Anthony from United States
MC's funniest lip sync moment is when the Touch My Body backing track failed on GMA and MC sang to Trey, MaryAnn, and Sharlotte - "Stop singing my rhymes now baby." MC was hot that the backing track failed on a live televised program. She played it off after the preformance by saying, "I have to bring something new to the moment every time."
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 05:55)
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Spring or fall album release preference (106,789) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Yes. MC has always collaborated with the hottest producers at the moment since TEOM like The Neptunes, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy, and Scott Storch. I am saying if she wants to upgrade her signature sound, then MC is going to have to collaborate with other producers and songwriters who are not necessarily the hottest producer at the moment. I think the days of hottest producer at moment ended with Darryl DJ Camper's and Diplo's reign five years ago. I am going to go ahead and make a prediction for MC16. MC16 will be nominated for eight Grammy awards in 2025 or 2026. MC will finally receive recognition from the Grammys after 30 years in music business.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 05:45)
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Hey C, Mariah Carey has 19 number 1 hits (106,788) by Libra Lamb from USA
For arguments sake, which of these "new girls" is a true contender for 20 number 1 hits? Since it's such a possibility there should be at least several answers. I'll wait. Don't you guys think that if it was that easy to obtain it, everyone would have multiple number 1 hits? At least use a possible real life situation if you're going to start an argument. I'm sorry but you're coming across as painfully young and naive. Furthermore, I am not here to defend my loyalty and love for the one and only Mariah Carey to you or anyone else. If you don't like it, don't read my posts. There's some posts I scroll right on by when I see the name. I don't stop to ask dumb questions. All dumb questions will be met with stupid answers. I guarantee it.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 04:44)
Rainbow 25 (106,787) by Libra Lamb from USA
The only one coming off as bothered or pressed here is you C. Facts are facts and opinions are just that. See the distinction? I will continue to post whatever I feel like on here even if it bothers you. Now I know that will be a plus. Old Town Road, forgot about it until you mentioned it. No one like a know it all.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 03:31)
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She has been practicing lip synching (106,786) by Libra Lamb from USA
I hope no one feels the need to explain anything to you. I certainly do not. Moving on.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 03:22)
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Rainbow 25 (106,785) by Libra Lamb from USA
I don't know who you think you are talking to but it ain't me and I'm not the one. My opinions are my own, yours are your own. I stand by them. If you're sick and tired maybe don't read my posts C. Keep it moving. That's why this is a safe space.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 03:17)
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Spring or fall album release preference (106,784) by C from United States
You mean "you hope" she's realized that she needs to step out of her comfort zone.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:39)
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Thank God I Found You (original) (106,783) by C from United States
I remember there was a battle between TGIFY and the Gloria Estefan and *NSYNC duet for #1 the week TGIFY finally made it there.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:22)
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The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,782) by C from United States
I don't like the processing in B and M's vocals. I couldn't even tell that was Monica in the second verse. Maybe that affect works in Ariana's voice, but it made B & M sound like AI. It is a fabulous song though. This type of mid-tempo is what I would love to hear from Mariah.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:20)
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She has been practicing lip synching (106,781) by C from United States
Can I ask a real question? What does all of this defense do for you? You have crafted an entire defense that sounds absolutely fantastical. What unspoken truths don't you want to say out loud that you've been compelled to craft this argument to provide some cognitive dissonance in order to remain a "real lamb"? I want to understand the psychology behind this "slay, queen" mindset in the lambily.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:18)
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Rainbow 25 (106,780) by C from United States
Even she has "forgotten" some of the #1 hits. We're in a safe space here - we don't need to use those "defend my queen" arguments that we use in other places. Y'all have overplayed that #1s argument so much that if one of these new girls ever gets 20, y'all will be sick about it. Look at that way [Old town road] destroyed some of yall. Let.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:16)
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Praying for the album (106,779) by C from United States
I actually don't want her in album phase right now. I like her hopping in remixes (she needs to time them better). Madonna been doing the same thing. I'd like yo see Mariah collaborate on random songs and do some soundtracks. That way, she can create music without all of the pressure of having to promote and carry the outcomes of its success or failure-primarily the failure. It would also give her a chance to update her sound and experiment - she's got to get out of the rut she's been in since 2005. I'd love for her to collaborate with international artists. Jump in a remix with a popular Australian artist. Collab and sing the hook on a track of a popular Asian artist. She could do so much more without having to do a lot. There is so much emphasis placed on #1 hits, but we would all take a solid top 10 hit from her that actually stays in the charts for a while.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:13)
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Tiny Desk (106,778) by C from United States
I say no because Mariah is so uptight and stiff that she wouldn't be any fun. It's like her carpool karaoke - it was stiff, dull, and she wasn't warm or engaging. And then we have the vocals. TD is about a vibe and being in a moment. She'd want to move cameras and lighting to play into her diva antics and insecurities. Her setlist would be dull and predictable. When it comes to banter, she'd either be distant and muted like she was on the Jennifer Hudson show, or she'd be manic and rambling. Lastly, she's so in her head about her vocals that I could see it taking 6 months for TD episode to come out because she'd want to edit, dub, etc. Plus, TD is an all live venue, what 5-7 songs would Mariah sing that would 100% live that she'd be okay releasing to the public?
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 02:06)
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Rainbow 25 (106,777) by Libra Lamb from USA
I've never seen or heard anyone say MC's number ones are forgettable. I believe a lot of "pop stars" are forgettable and no single act has more number ones than Mariah. She's the epitome of success and actual talent. Jealousy is a killer. Pray for those poor souls.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 00:46)
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She has been practicing lip synching (106,776) by Libra Lamb from USA
Mariah is a master at throwing shade. Nobody deserved it more than J Lo. I’ve never been happier to see someone fall as hard as she’s falling right now. Well played MC. Karma is a real beeotch.
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 00:34)
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She has been practicing lip synching (106,775) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
I think what has happened the last couple of years, is that Mariah has had a very good lip synching coach. We all know Celine Dion is the master of lip synching, nobody accuses her of doing it, but we all know she has almost whole concerts with just lip synching.

Mariah is relaxing on stage now, doesn't try to pretend to sing live, just doing the emotions in her face without lifting an eyebrow, and it works, it actually looks like she is singing, it works brilliantly.

The playback is her real curent voice, but to not experience the fear of being caught out, she does that now, I sing it's soothing for her.

And, by the way, Mariah is being seen the heroine in this Jen**fer Lo**z downfall, and that might have something to do with new found respect Mariah is recieving in the world right now. Mariah called out the girl she doesn't know in a very classy way 25 years ago. Karma is a bi**h, isn't it?
(Sunday 23 June 2024; 00:10)
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Praying for the album (106,774) by Robert-Anthony from United States
MC's Las Vegas shows start again July 26th [through] August 1st. She probably won't do a lot of recording next month.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 18:58)
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The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,773) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
Ya it would have been a fun duet. The remix is slightly different than the original although mostly same probably because of the chart rules. Instead of Ariana doing the verses Brandy and Monica takes turn in verse 1 and 2 with Ariana doing the chorus and backgrounds. The bridge is new and the outro is longer with new ad libs.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 16:47)
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The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,772) by Shezz from Pk
Yes she would have sounded so good on this remix indeed. I think Ariana's team learned from their previous mistake and released it soon. Is it the exact same though or are there different lyrics/verses?
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 15:48)
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Remastered Rainbow album (106,771) by Jamie from UK
Yes it's crazy I've been hearing lots a vocals I'd never heard before.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 09:00)
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The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,770) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
The remix was such a a good one. I didn't expect Mariah to be on a second remix on the same album ofcourse but I wish instead of YAR, she was on this one. She also released the remix for this so soon after the OG, whereas YAR had a gap.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 06:01)
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Rainbow 25 (106,769) by "MariahHater" from Hell
This is my most least spun album of hers. This re release made me drop my jaw on how'd she pulled an album in less than a year with 2 No. 1s.

Totally not my repetitive album but this album slaps so hard. Had new found appreciation with Petals, Rainbow Interlude, Rainbow's End (despite lacking big house vocals).

Living in the 90s might be something I will be pondering all over my life. I really wish to see a Mariah resurgence aside from Christmas.

Excited for Glitter and Charmie 25. I believe she is the only artist that can celebrate her album anniversaries with pride and power because she did this organically.

Some says her number ones are forgettable and I believe not because depending on which continent you are, Mariah has at least 5 unforgettable songs etched into their bloodstream regardless of age group. Yes there are the new pop gurlies out there but nobody ever did something like dem oldies.

Calling and manifesting to the universe to grant thy wish of having to see her number 1 outside Christmas again.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 05:02)
The Boy Is Mine 2.0 (106,768) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Well, Ariana chose Brandy and Monica for The Boy Is Mine remix. It makes sense.
(Saturday 22 June 2024; 01:49)


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