Mariah Carey drops new dance track Rainbow's End |

Friday 14 June 2024

Mariah Carey drops new dance track "Rainbow's End"

Mariah Carey celebrates Pride Month with the just released 25th anniversary edition of her album Rainbow. The "Emotions" songstress' new, extended version of her 1999 album features an additional 14 tracks, including remixes and more. Also featured on the new album is a dance track called "Rainbow's End", which is a new version of the "Rainbow (Interlude)" off of the original LP.

"When the Rainbow album was first released, the title track was a dream-like interlude that I felt was a hopeful ending to an emotional roller-coaster ride. I always hoped that one day I would get to find my rainbow's end. I'm not sure if I have, but with Rainbow25 I tried," Mariah shared on Instagram.

"That interlude is now 'Rainbow's End', a new, upbeat dance track co-produced by my friend David Morales, and it's one of many bonus tracks on this festive re-release! There's also a new remix of 'How Much" by Jermaine Dupri, live recordings, acapella tracks and a song I wrote for my fans that never made the original album: 'There For Me'. Thank you for always being by my side, through the good and bad times. This one's a celebration! Happy Rainbow25, Happy Pride! Love, MC."

(Just Jared)

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