Tuesday 23 April 2013

Mariah Carey's new single: 8 things we'd like to hear

Mariah Carey has been drip-feeding the world with details of her 14th studio album since the start of 2013, insisting that she is keen to release it "ASAP". Since then she's had a busy few months; releasing a new song to accompany a film, rumoured (and since denied) to be headlining Glastonbury, turning 43 and posting pictures of a "mermaid moment" in a swimming pool - all in addition to her judging duties on American Idol.

Regardless, news has surfaced online today that seems to suggest the LP's lead single - which possibly features Miguel - is imminent. Ahead of the song's unveiling, we've listed what we'd like to hear from Carey's new track. We would happily settle for a ballad, as long as it's better than or on a par with "We Belong Together" (we're not expecting her to top "Hero").

The BPM should be no higher than "Dreamlover". In other words, no Guetta/Calvin-style club bangers - at least for the time being. We'd like to hear something that leans more towards R&B than hip-hop, unlike recent songs "Triumphant" or "Obsessed" which do the opposite.

If Miguel does indeed feature on the single then it should be in a back-and-forth approach on the verses or a section on the middle eight. The chorus should be all Mariah. A bit of whistle ad-libbing towards the end wouldn't go amiss. It shouldn't be any longer than four minutes if it stands a chance of being played on radio, though sadly it seems that ship has already sailed in the UK.

No teasers please. The same goes for the music video, which ideally would premiere 24 hours or less after the song. A bundle of remixes from Calvin Harris, Seamus Haji, Cahill, Duke Dumont, Avicii, Manhattan Clique and Alias should accompany the release. Fingers crossed she delivers on all counts in the next few weeks (or possibly months).

(Digital Spy)

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