Tuesday 23 June 2015

Did jetski guy go too far in protecting Mariah's boob?

It used to be the pool guy you had to watch in Hollywood, but in these modern times it seems to be the jetski guy you need to keep an eye on. As she splashed about in the sea off the Italian coast of Sardinia with her family yesterday, Mariah Carey, the new bosom buddy of James Packer, who was nowhere to be seen, had what might best be described as a wardrobe blowout.

Carey, a fan of the bikini-under-wetsuit look, was hoisting herself onto a jetski when one voluptuous bosom drifted free of her tiny black bikini, giving local paparazzi an eyeful of her left nipple. Carey was fortunate enough to have a handsome boatie with lightning reflexes standing by for just that sort of emergency.

Focused on the now complicated task at hand, jetski guy steadied the singer on the back of the slippery jetski while simultaneously thrusting out a hand in the direction of the breast. Confidential is unsure, thanks to the angle of the photo, if jetski guy was merely shielding the errant breast from photographers or suddenly transformed into a kid in a toy shop who couldn't resist the urge to touch the wonders before him.

Either way, Carey didn't seem to mind, the singer taking control of the situation and shoving her bosom back under two layers of rubber while jetski guy flashed a perfect toothy smile to photographers. As PAs go, Confidential thinks this guy might be in a class of his own. And we're pretty sure noted breast-man and casino magnate Packer will totally understand.

(The Daily Telegraph)

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