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Thursday 26 May 2016

Hallmark Channel deal: desperate or good business?

Mariah Carey has signed a deal with the Hallmark channel. Deadline has the news: "Mariah Carey is returning to the Hallmark Channel fold, inking a three-picture deal with the network to develop, executive produce, direct and co-star in a trio of original movies and compose and produce an original song for each. The first pic in the two-year pact is slated to premiere during the channel's 2017 Countdown to Valentine's Day programming event."

Unfortunately, some people in the comments section aren't praising Ms. Carey. "Nothing says washed up like starring in a Hallmark movie," says YG. "It's worse. She didn't even star in it. She co-starred in it (hilariously playing a former classmate of star Lacey Chabert even though she's a good two decade older than Lacey). The abrupt television equivalent of extreme Instagram filtering whenever Mariah showed up in a scene directed by Mariah was hilarious to behold," an anonymous user posted in regards to Mariah's last Hallmark special.

However, Dee Lockett of Vulture seems to be excited. "Darling, sit down. Your calendar's about to get very glittery for the foreseeable future: Over the next two years, we're getting three (!) new Mariah Carey movies, in addition to her first reality show," Ms. Lockett excitingly tells her readers.

Once again, the commenters aren't too thrilled. "Cool, Mariah's new manager certainly has her priorities straight. Not," says StoneGroove. "A Christmas Melody was decent for what it was, but it was completely laughable that they tried to pass off Mariah and Lacey Chabert as old classmates," claims Greeneyedmonster.

Mariah's Hallmark deal is just the latest in a series of divisive career moves for the singer. Last week, a clip from her new reality show was released, and, as usual, fans approved and critics disapproved. E! Online described the first promo clip for the show: "Prepare to see Mariah Carey like you've never seen her before! In the first trailer for E!'s upcoming series Mariah's World, the chart-topping songstress offers fans an inside look at her extraordinary and exclusive lifestyle as she gears up to jet set across Europe for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour and wed Australian billionaire James Packer."

In the clip shown in the article, Mariah Carey claims that she doesn't think everybody knows anything about her. However, judging by many social media comments, some don't care. The comments about Mariah and the show on a similar article by Us Weekly aren't very flattering.

"I liked her when she first came out. Now, I can't tolerate her," says Over.It.Already. "It's funny to watch her act like an idiot, but it's sad because you know the outcome already when older celebrities that were huge start acting like this," says Lorna Winter.

Mariah's new show will feature her preparations for her wedding with James Packer along with the actual wedding. It is rumored that the future Mrs. Packer may actually record music for the show. Given that Mariah Carey hasn't put out an album since 2014's disappointing (commercially, at least) Me I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse, fans would love new music.


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