Mariah Carey could be headed for a very special week |

Friday 23 February 2024

Mariah Carey could be headed for a very special week

Mariah Carey spent more than a decade as one of the biggest musical stars in the world. She scored countless hits in the U.S., but in the past several years, her track record of producing nonstop smashes has slowed. With a new single out now, the singer could be headed toward her first new major chart placement in quite a while.

On Friday (February 16), Carey joined fellow pop star Ariana Grande on her single "Yes, And?" The legendary R&B musician lent her talent, fame, and powerful vocals to a reworked version of the tune. The singers teamed up to hopefully push "Yes, And?" back up the charts, and if they're successful, both artists may benefit.

In a few days, the effects of this remix will be felt on the Billboard charts. "Yes, And?" will almost surely rise on a handful of lists, such as the Digital Song Sales chart and the Hot 100. It's the latter ranking that matters most to Carey, and she'll be watching it most closely.

If the updated version of "Yes, And?" with Carey included is the most popular in America this tracking week–the most consumed, that is–her name will officially be added to the cut on the charts. If that is the case, the superstar will likely earn her first completely Hot 100-charter to reach the top 40 arena in a decade.

The last time that Carey earned a brand new Hot 100 smash that reached the top 40 was back in 2013. She and Miguel sent their collaboration "#Beautiful" to No. 15 on the ranking of the most-consumed songs in the U.S. Since then, Carey has pushed several tunes onto the tally, but none have been able to climb into the top 40 region, which typically dictates when a charting tune becomes a hit.

This chart fact does, however, exclude "All I Want for Christmas Is You", the biggest hit of Carey's career. The holiday smash returns to the Hot 100 every year, and for several in a row now, it's found its way back to the No. 1 spot. The yuletide favorite wasn't new to the chart by the time it started rising higher and higher, thanks to a mix of radio formats changing and the implementation of streams into the Hot 100. It has reached the highest tiers of the tally in only the past half-decade or so, but it wasn't new to the list when that ascent became a story, as it first appeared on the tally many years ago.

While Carey may be hoping to appear on "Yes, And?", there's a real chance that she won't earn the credit. All the sales and streams of her version may aid the original in rising on the charts, but unless fans prefer her new take more than the first edition–which is a hard thing to make happen–she won't gain a new hit to add to her discography.


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