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Wednesday 12 June 2024

Rainbow turns 25

The Rainbow Anniversary Deluxe Edition is upon us, and fans couldn't be more excited. Mariah Carey's iconic "Rainbow" album, released in 1999, marked the end of her contractual obligations with Columbia Records, Tommy Mottola and Walter Afanasieff. This album was a vibrant tribute to various emotions, ethnicities, and love, much like a rainbow itself. As we celebrate the Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary, let's delve into what we can anticipate from this deluxe edition.

"Rainbow" featured two US number one hits, "Heartbreaker" and "Thank God I Found You", and Mariah's second UK number one hit, "Against All Odds" featuring Westlife. The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide. Certified triple platinum by the RIAA in 1999, the album's legacy continues to grow. The Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary might bring new certifications and renewed interest.

"Heartbreaker" and "Thank God I Found You" have also received platinum awards from the RIAA. However, considering the impact of digital downloads and streaming, these recognitions may have been overdue since the transition from the physical era.

With Pride Month approaching, there's no better way to celebrate than with the 25th Anniversary of Rainbow. Mariah has already announced Pride merchandise, but the most exciting news is the new Rainbow releases. What does this entail? A new album? New singles? New vinyl editions? Here are our thoughts:

She's done it with "Butterfly", "Music Box", and "Merry Christmas". So, it's certain that this will be a deluxe album. We fully expect vinyl reissues in a multitude of colors to satisfy collectors worldwide. Perhaps some brightly colored cassettes will also be added to the mix. However, the most exciting possibility would be the release of physical singles in vinyl and cassette formats for hits like "Heartbreaker", "Thank God I Found You", "Can't Take That Away", "Against All Odds", and "Crybaby". Now that would be the bomb!

Do we expect a different cover? Unlikely. All deluxe editions have kept their original covers, except for "Music Box", which Mariah mentioned was the cover she initially wanted. Mariah has consistently praised David LaChapelle's album cover for "Rainbow", so it's likely to remain unchanged. However, we might see additional outtakes from the photographer's famous Rainbow photoshoot. These could include iconic images like Mariah's bed-lying lollipop poster, adding a new dimension to the album's visual legacy.

Mariah Carey's deluxe editions typically include additional tracks. For the Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary, we can expect remastered videos on YouTube, upgraded Dolby Atmos sound on her tracks and perhaps behind-the-scenes footage from the "Heartbreaker" video shoot, which Mariah has fondly discussed. Remixes are also anticipated, especially popular ones like the "Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely" remix and the "Thank God I Found You/Make It Last" remix, one of Mariah's favorites.

Acapella versions and sped up versions are the latest craze, so chances are those will be slapped onto the version as well.

Recently, Mariah hinted at working with David Morales on a new version of her "Rainbow (Interlude)" - Rainbow's End. This could mean a newly conceived track with fresh vocals or a remix. But we agree the interlude deserves its own full song. Additionally, fans might see new remixes from David Morales and Terry Hunter, considering their successful past collaborations on tracks like "Workin' Hard" and "I've Been Thinking About You".

Live performances are a staple of Mariah's anniversary editions. From her live rendition of "Butterfly" on David Letterman to full concerts at St. John The Divine's Cathedral and the Proctor's Theater, fans have enjoyed reliving her vocal prime. With the Rainbow Tour covering Europe, Asia, and North America, there's a good chance we'll see live performances from this era included in the deluxe edition.

Rainbow was released prior to her participation in VH1 Divas Live with Diana Ross, so we might be seeing some of those.

We yearn for Mariah's Vault. Mariah's vault of unreleased material is legendary. While songs like "Workin' Hard" and "My Prayer" surfaced from the Music Box era, the Rainbow era might have its own hidden gems. Fans speculate about an unfinished duet with Luis Miguel, the rumored "Crystal Ball" with Lauryn Hill, and a song called "Everytime" mentioned by Mariah in a 2001 Rove Radio interview. Other rumored tracks like "Love Will Never End", "Anything Can Happen", and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' co-produced "The Wedding Song" could also make an appearance, although they're rumoured to have been recorded later in the Glitter era.

There's also the possibility of new collaborations. Mariah recently re-recorded "The Roof" with Brandy, and we're unsure if we're in similar surprises. A duet with Daniel Bedingfield called "Thousand Life Times" recorded during the "Against All Odds (featuring Westlife)" era might finally see the light of day. Bedingfield coincidentally has recently mentioned it in an interview, sparking speculation about its inclusion in the deluxe edition.

The Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary Deluxe Edition coincides with Pride Month, making it a fitting celebration. Mariah has already announced Pride merchandise, and the new Rainbow releases add to the festivities. This deluxe edition promises to be a colorful and joyous tribute to Mariah's enduring legacy and her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

The Rainbow album has amassed over 250 million streams on Spotify, with 100,000 streams daily. As we celebrate the Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary, the album's popularity continues to rise. With fans, affectionately known as "lambs," streaming more than ever, milestones like 10 million worldwide sales are within reach. The latest Portrait EP release saw a 900% increase in streams, indicating the continued and growing interest in Mariah's newly released music.

As we eagerly await the Mariah Carey Rainbow Anniversary Deluxe Edition, the excitement is palpable. Whether it's new remixes, live performances, or previously unreleased tracks, this release promises to be a treasure trove for fans. Mariah Carey's ability to surprise and delight with her music ensures that this anniversary edition will be a memorable celebration of one of her most vibrant albums. Get ready, fans: Rainbow is coming, and it's set to shine brighter than ever. Personally, we're eyeing the pink vinyl - it's bound to be spectacular!


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