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About Matty from Vancouver Canada: I love music of all kinds, with R&B and pop toping my list of favourite genres. I've been a Mariah fan since Charmbraclet, there was something about that album that connects on a deep level. Other favourite albums are Glitter, Daydream, The Emancipation of Mimi, and Me. I Am Mariah.

My Favourite Mariah Songs are: The Art of Letting Go, Fantasy & Shake It Off.

My Least Favourite album is Music Box.

My most start-to-finish listened album (don't-skip-a-track albums): Emotions, Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi and Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse.

New house mix? (106,507) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I'm not gonna pay for another subscription (audible), even thought I'd love to hear the new connect. I like to read a physical book. And I like podcasts when I am driving. I'll read a book, then jump in my car and listen to a podcast, I don't want to listen to a book-on-tape (which is what it was called before it was a corporate money maker)

My questions is, when can I hear the new Portrait House remix? I expected it on iTunes today with the release of the audible stuff. Why not?
(Friday 24 May 2024; 05:06)
Trilogy - Celine ... (106,506) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
How is Celine Dion's coverage being covered in the rest of the world? (That's an honest question as a Canadian.)

Celine has been so expressive in Canada about her condition. But this wasn't what she wanted or what she expected for her career.
The vocal trinity was Mariah, Whitney and Celine. Whitney I won't speak on. Celine has been struggling for years, meanwhile Lambs are demanding something from Mariah. Who else with this vocal prowess was in general pop music other than Mariah, Whitney, Celine? Barbra wasn't "pop" and wasn't put under the same expectation to be M.W.C. Diana Ross and queen Donna Summer weren't expected to perform the way M.W.C.

Are we underplaying the pressure these three women experienced with their vocal Olympics? Some may be disappointed by Mariah's voice in 2024, however, given Whitney's ending and Celine's physical issues, Mariah is still duetting with top 10 artists.

If you have access, Canadian TV has many great documentaries about Celine's conditions and she's extremely venerable.
(Friday 24 May 2024; 05:01)
Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,437) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I can understand why they recorded the Christmas duet at the time they did. Mariah was pregnant and as a soon to be mom probably wanted to try and repair her own relationship with her mother. I’ve had friends do the exact same thing with expecting, only to have more fall outs and incidents down the road.
(Saturday 18 May 2024; 22:48)
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Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,427) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Has no one read or hear about Mariah's relationship with her mom? There's a late '90s interview on Oprah and you visually see how uncomfortable Mariah is with her mom.
(Friday 17 May 2024; 21:42)
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Loot soundtrack (106,401) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I love all the love that MC is getting on the second season of Loot with Mya Rudolph. The soundtrack on Apple has Fantasy, I Onow What You Want and Emotions. I love it.
(Sunday 12 May 2024; 05:28)
Why everybody hates the girl we don't know (106,389) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
This video was so interesting to watch. I remember Ashanti being very open about singing JLo's songs, but wow is that laundry list long of who's sang for her. Also, the shady comments about amazing actresses, if Mariah ever said something like that she would never come back from that, and would get the boot from Hollywood circles. I think JLo believes the world was waiting for her and Ben to get back together, and it's honestly the last relationship rekindle anyone asked for or cares about.
(Friday 10 May 2024; 19:06)
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Influence - Dem Teens (106,362) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Now that Dem Babies are officially Dem Teens (which blows my mind), I wonder if they'll have an influence on Mariah evolving her sound to a new youthful sound and experimental direction? Especially now that Monroe is showing an interest in [music] and hangs out with North West. Monroe, North and Blu Ivy will rule the world one day.
(Tuesday 7 May 2024; 15:34)
Adressed to Infinity haters (106,342) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
This is specially addressed to the Infinity haters. Can you explain to me what you dislike? It went to #82 on Billboard, it was well reviewed but critics, and the orchestration what brilliant. I'm curious why people that hate it, dislike it? My only personal grip is that the orchestration is so hopeful, and the lyrics are diss.
(Friday 3 May 2024; 23:51)
Article: Daniel Bedingfield will release lost Mariah Carey duet (106,335) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
We have to hear this. What an unexpected duet. He was all over the radio, and I can see him and Mariah's voices in this period really blending well.
(Thursday 2 May 2024; 20:19)
A Daydream release in 2024 (106,285) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I have never understood the Swift obsession, she barley sings (it's almost all sing-talking), she's a bully, and the definition of rich kid who's parents could buy her a career, she never gets called out of her white privilege. New York Times had an article about Taylor Swift fatigue and it had this great line: "Indeed, grinding through the 31-song double album after midnight had felt like a hostage situation." I couldn't have said it better myself. Lol.
(Thursday 25 April 2024; 01:18)
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Uhmmm Mimi's deep cuts are MIA (106,168) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I get the intention being how she got from the debut to TEOM, that makes sense. I personally would have preferred a setlist that starts with It's Like That, and then shows how TEOM influenced all her albums post TEOM. Really focusing on her recent catalog, she doesn't incorporate her new music nearly enough. This would be my dream set list for this residency:
Say Somethin'
Mine again
One and Only/So Lonely
I Wish you Knew
Get Your Number
I'm That Chick
Touch my Body
Stay in Love Dance Remix
Side Effects
Love U long time
Candy Bling
You're Mine (Eternal)
You Don't Know what to Do
GTFO (edited version)
The Distance
A No No
FLAB as the closer
(Sunday 14 April 2024; 22:11)
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Article: Mariah backs LGBTQ+ book about a boy who loves Mariah (106,142) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
This [is] such an adorable story. I [love] that MC already had the book.
(Friday 12 April 2024; 21:00)
2002-2003 what should have been Charmbracelet's singes? (106,128) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
You got Me feat. Freeway and Jay-Z - She gives the same vocal style in this song which went to #3, "I Know What You Want/Where I Belong".

I Only Wanted or Bringing on the Heartache

The One (original)

Through the Rain, show that vocal, excite people (*the finale single dhalings*), close it out with the emotional song - Portrait, Outside. etc.

I think as a lead single "Thought the Rain" wasn't what people wanted, we were still only coming off the dance beats of Rainbow and the Glitter soundtrack. I think an upbeat/dance song from Charmbracelet would have been celebrated at the time.

What are your thoughts?
(Monday 8 April 2024; 05:01)
The Emancipation of Mimi (106,126) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
You know what's funny? I remember the exact highway on-ramp I was taking on March Rd. headed to Downtown Ottawa when suddenly "It's Like that" came on the radio for the very first time. I was stunned there was a new MC single and almost drove off the over pass bridge. The DJ radio introduced the new song for the very first time with these exact words: "I don't know why she keeps trying, but we have to play it, so here it is." And boom clap clap clap the new legendary era began. That DJ will go one to be playing new, beloved, Mariah songs for the next 4 years (from "It's Like That" to "Obsessed"). He must have felt like a fool after the fact. It's one of those Mariah memories of hearing new music for the first time glued to my heart and brain.
(Monday 8 April 2024; 01:50)
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Cowboy Carter (106,063) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
This isn't a country album, it would have made an amazing Destiny's Child album. It has small snippets of country, and I agree the first single is country. The rest is a very Beyoncé album, most of it reminds me of the Beyoncé album and positions. Remove Dolly and Miley and it's a DC/Beyonce album imo. I was expecting Kacey Musgrave or The Chicks through and through.
(Friday 29 March 2024; 22:03)
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"The Block" doesn't know her either (106,040) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I've never understood JLo. Didn't Ashanti flat out say in an interview she's sung most of JLo's music? Her and Ben are literally the celebrity couple no one wanted to get back together. I think people still root for MC & Nick, or Justin & Selena Gomez more than Jennifer & Ben. When she was on The View she said no one wanted to fund her new documentary so she had to self fund it.
(Wednesday 27 March 2024; 02:09)
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Article: 15 Best female singers of all time (105,939) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Madonna isn't even a singer. Where is Christina? Where is Aaliyah? Where is Gaga? Beyonce at 4 when Christina, Aaliyah and Gaga aren't even mentioned.
(Sunday 10 March 2024; 17:12)
Top of the Pops (pun intended) (105,860) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
What are Mariah’s most Pop, ah La Lady Gaga and Britney, moments? Yes, And? remix, Almost Home, where else is MC pure pop?
(Monday 4 March 2024; 23:35)
I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,738) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Nanaimo. My aunt lives there, as does Mariah's gal pal Pamala Anderson. They feature a lot of her home there in her amazing documentary that she did a year or so ago. Also, it's home to the unbelievable desert "Nanaimo Bars", if you're a sweets lover, definitely try this treat if you get the chance.
(Sunday 25 February 2024; 02:25)
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General public or bad decisions (105,723) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I love the west coast. Vancouver's nickname is Raincover because it rains a lot, but I live side the beautiful beaches and ocean, the mountains are only 20 mins away, palm trees the whole bit. It's gorgeous. I love Guelph though, it's a beautiful city, super old downtown lots to do, and so close to Toronto so tons of Broadway shows, sporting events and concerts just 45 mins away. My brother still lives in Guelph and loves it. Thanks for asking. Where about in the USA do you live T?
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 18:25)
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MC remix album (105,668) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I would love a second remix album. Triumphant Vintage Mix, some of the Jump Smokers remixes from Angles Advocate, Big Energy, Yes, And?, Where I Belong with Busta, etc. I would love it on vinyl.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 16:58)
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General public or bad decisions (105,626) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Ohhhh Robert I don't think I've ever disagreed with you on this board, but if MC kept working with Walter, TEOM would never have happened. After Daydream Mariah would have been cemented in the Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand genre. Just like Michael Bubble will forever be in the Frank Sinatra genre. Mariah was lyrically doing art, and vocally doing art during her time with W.A, but I think even though it was amazing, it was commissioned art, not the art for the artist who wanted to express themselves.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 01:28)
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General public or bad decisions (105,622) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Glitter is a masterpiece - I think lambs remember this moment as a failure, but this was the only year Mariah appeared in Forbes list of most powerful women, she did the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2002 next to the 9/11 statue, she looked gorgeous, and Loverboy was constantly on the radio, on TV music stations, also #2 on Billboard (don't give me the it was discounted argument, because most singles were always discounted and sat in the discount bins at HMV and Music World). I think corporate Virgin panicked more than the public.

I love Charmbraclet personally, and in my home town of Guelph Ontario (45 mins south/west of Toronto) "Boy" was on the radio constantly, but for some reason the album wasn't what they wanted as a "comeback" album after 18 months of lows ( ) Why do those few months out of 30 years taint her? I'll never know. Think of all the celebrated singers with issues now, 18 months out of the game or spotlight is nothing, Demi Lovato, Britney, even the beauty that is Selina Gomez, Gaga, Ariana. Maybe it was simply the expectation that year after year for a decade Mariah was ever present and showed up. I have no doubt that's exhausting.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 01:06)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,558) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
Hahahaha, this might be a cultural thing, but using the actual language that you use in your regular life is actually beneficial. The moment my interview drops the f bomb in our interview (which always happens), I adapt to their energy and happily communicate in their preferred vernacular. I wouldn't swear first, but if they do, I got it. [censored] or [censored] - who cares what term you use, it's the same reference. Sex vs. [censored], it's the same reference. Your personal inference on a word is your personal relation.

As a successful professional, I've never met an executive that doesn't curse. Again; I just want to restate my positions on language, it's an ever evolving art, and it has nothing to do with age, or your work place. It's expression. We've always wanted to call someone a name; that's a universal expression of emotion.

Stacy, I always respect you, I understand your point, I don't agree, but I fully respect your position.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 01:07)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,556) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
I respect that Stacy. I understand your point. Thank you for always remaining respectful even when you disagree.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 23:49)
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