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About Tony Lorenzo from UK: Mariah's ACTUAL LITERAL NUMBER ONE FAN

Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,429) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
Actually Mariah's mother doesn't live in Westchester any more. She lives in a retirement home in Florida. Mariah sold the Westchester house.

They don't get along for all the reasons stated in the book. And more. Mariah tried to paint a picture-perfect view of her family in the early days yo maintain a care-free crossover image that wasn't threatening to middle America. Over time, she cared less about that, particularly after Allison sold stories, and particularly after she had her own children which made her reassess her own childhood disfavourably.
(Friday 17 May 2024; 23:45)
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Why Mariah Matters (106,415) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
Just in case people don't know, and I havent seen it mentioned but may have missed it, there is a new book out called Why Mariah Carey Matters.

It is a scholarly, deeply intelligent deep dive into Mariah, her songs, her lyrics, producing and songwriting, her place in the musical pantheon, what she means to the lambs and the gay community as well as to tge music industry.

It is written with deep analysis and great thought. It is personal, and it's the first time anyone has got the essence of Mariah down to a tee. You will all have many flashes of recognition and feel like he is reading your mind.

It is a powerful book and you all need to read it if you are fans. It is probably the most important document on Mariah Carey there is beyond her own memoir. In some ways it is more enjoyable than her memoir because it is a serious analysis of her rather than descriptive history of events. Mstiah can't say the same things this man Andrew Chan can because she's too humble.

The best thing about the book is that it doesnt seek to sycophantically praise her as some sort of perfect deity who can do no wrong. He provides a fair assessment of her, soberly. Thankfully he hold her in such esteem that not much negative can be said, but you get the impression he's just speaking the truth with great honesty

Drop everything and read this book. It's not stupidly long but is in-depth.

And if anyone has any kind of access to Mariah or her team, you need to point them in this book's direction. Mariah deserves to read this stuff and know how important she is and how many people totally get her.

If you don't read this book you have missed out on some profound Mariah commentary. I would be doing Mariah a disservice by not encouraging people to read it.
(Thursday 16 May 2024; 00:49)
More Taylor (106,308) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
Sorry if I came off aggressive. I just hate that Taylor had been brought up here, as though there is any need for even the comparison. Countless singers write their own songs. Bringing them into the convo together compares the two by default, and I find that is an insult to Mariah.

The main reason Taylor is where she is lets be honest, is white supremacy. She is being lionised and lovesd cynically by a bunch of adults in the media industry, when in fact she's a singer for teenybopping teenage girls who does not deserve to be taken as seriously as she is. She fits their model of skinny, blonde and white and is thus the perfect emblem, talent or no talent.

They basically use her to bring Beyonce down a peg or two. Beyonce is the biggest star of the moment in terms of talent and output, and they are pushing Taylor to get her sales and revenue to surpass Beyonce so that we can't say a black woman is the biggest star on earth. It is disingenuous and obvious, and I would expect more people to have seen through it.

Beyonce's tour sells in record numbers so they do everything they can to hype Swift so that her numbers are bigger. They won't allow a black woman to be on "top" and to push that into our faces, they've made sure the new star represents everything they say is the standard of excellence. When we can all see and hear how utterly ridiculous it is. It is a form of gaslighting.

Taylor Swift is one of the most mediocre artists I've ever heard. The lyrics are basic and for little girls to pretend they have dramatic relationships they don't actually have, her voice is no better than completely average, and barely that. She can't dance. Her chords are badic, but they ser the benefit in showing her with the guitar because it adds authenticity and cements that she is a "musician". Fine. But a mediocre one.

That is why even bringing her up on a Mariah message board annoys me. We're talking about one of the literal greatest artists of all time and then dragging her down with reference to someone who is just being used to gaslight everyone especially black people. They are so fsr removed from each other that even vaguely acknowledging Swift is a writer is annoying.

Lastly, Beyonce writes more of her lyrics than you think. We should know as music lovers rhar RnB is renowned for samping, both words and sounds. These samples have to be credited. Beyonce uses many samples. That does not mean she doesn't write lyrics. It just means that multiple people get a credit on a song, if she merely uses a word or line or production sound from another song. Black music has always had a referential element to it. We can't say Beyonce isn't a proper curator of her own music just because she samples a lot. We know this because she had a specific sound herself across all her music. If it was the case everyone else wrote her stuff and she merely added a word her collection if music would sound sound radically eclectic, and it doesn't. Beyonce is very clearly there in all her music. To denigrate her while conceding Swift is a writer is to me insane and proof that media manipulation works on simple minds. Sorry.
(Sunday 28 April 2024; 06:40)
Taylor (106,295) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
Who has the audacity to put Taylor Swift in the same sentence as Mariah Carey? Cease and desist. They are not in the same league. Mariah changed music, and is her own genre that people then copied. Vocally let's not even go there because even saying Taylor could never elevates Taylor to a height she does not deserve by mere comparison. It's laughable to refer to them together in any capacity.
(Thursday 25 April 2024; 22:58)
Article: Mariah's residency is a retrospective, and a gift to fans (106,294) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
A wonderful review for our queen. Mariah, if you're reading this, we are begging for another album. You aint finished yet. We love retrospectiveriah, but you've got much more new music in you. As the soundtrack to our lives, we need more. Perhaps an album of jazz covers with a few original tracks? That'd be wow.
(Thursday 25 April 2024; 22:53)
Vocals (106,188) by Tony Lorenzo from UK
Can we all stop complaining about the vocals? She can still sing. These are the issues:
1.) Too-tight clothes
2.) Breath control
And they are tied together. Mariah still had the voice, she had just got to use a vocal coach to figure out the breath control she used to have. She should not be too big to think she could do with a vocal coach. Once she works out how to keep her breath in a new, older body, she will be back on top vocally. She'll have extra rasp but will still sound amazing, if not better.

By the way have ya'll read Why Mariah Carey Matters? That will definitely shut up all the complaining.
(Tuesday 16 April 2024; 03:07)
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