Wednesday 23 April 2014

Is Mariah planning a "surprise" release for her album?

We thought that Mariah Carey's latest album had been pushed back again after it disappeared from release schedules, but there's a chance that Mimi might just be planning a Beyonce-esque surprise release for the project instead.

The diva's producer and current manager Jermaine Dupri was arguing with disgruntled lambs earlier this week when he snapped back at one by saying, "I'm trying to tell you dumb ass, I would give y'all the information but it's her plan for y'all to get it from her."

On top of that, a journalist from Digital Spy said that according to an official press release, Mimi is indeed planning to "surprise" fans with her next album at some point next month. If Mariah does in fact go ahead with a Beyonce-style release for her 14th studio album, it wouldn't be a terrible idea. Her last couple of singles bombed on the charts, so there's really nothing to lose at this stage. This not-so-secret surprise release would still probably garner the album more publicity than a regular release would, so why not do it? Anyway, I really don't care how it comes out, as long as it does!


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