Mariah Carey gets real about her upcoming wedding |

Monday 16 May 2016

Mariah Carey gets real about her upcoming wedding

Been there, done that, darling. With an ongoing world tour, E! News docu-series in the making and an upcoming wedding, Mariah Carey's life is a busy one. However, she's not stressing just yet. The 46-year-old Grammy winner stepped onto the blue carpet at the NBC Universal Upfront looking calm, cool and collected.

When E! News' Jason Kennedy asked the songstress how she seemed so relaxed despite her upcoming walk down the aisle, Carey kept it real. "This is number three, you know darling," she joked to Kennedy, adding that she's already worn the white dress. If we're eager to see it again, she referred us all to her famous "We Belong Together" music video.

However, don't think the engaged mother of two will be celebrating her big day without a gown fit for the glamorous occasion. In fact, her wedding ensemble is underway and she told E! News she's already had a fitting. As for her groom-to-be, Australian billionaire and fiancé James Packer is pleased with her new reality project.

"He thinks it's good. He's happy that I'm doing it," she explained. Plus, while the star is front and center on the show, he won't be too far away. "He's kind of like a shadowy figure," she described.

Meanwhile, the cameras will be ready to focus on the "Hero" singer on-stage as she travels Europe and Africa on her Sweet, Sweet Fantasy tour and behind the scenes as an engaged lady and mother to twins. "They're all misconceptions," Carey told Kennedy of what people may think about her. "Through this show, people will definitely get a better sense of me."

A better sense of Mimi? That's music to our ears.

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