Can Mariah's World humanize Mariah's public perception? |

Monday 16 May 2016

Can Mariah's World humanize Mariah's public perception?

When it comes to the world of divas, there are few more divaesque than Mariah Carey, or at least that is the perception of the general public. Starting sometime in the near future, E! will premier a new eight part series, Mariah's World, that will take the viewer behind the scenes as she prepares for her Sweet Fantasy tour and makes plans for her wedding to James Packer.

E! released the first trailer for the season, noting that it is "coming soon", showing Mariah in a bit different light than people might expect. She is unguarded at times and funny yet, still shows signs of divahood such as when she talks about never allowing herself to be filmed or photographed in florescent light without sunglasses on.

Still, it looks like there is potential with the series to see Carey as a more down-to-earth person. The public may never relate totally to her superstar, billionaire marrying personality, but they might just find out that her life does have some similarities to everyone else's.

(Hollywood Take)

Malcolm from Asia wrote:
I'm crossing my fingers about this, please don't waste this opportunity Mariah. I have to give the props because the trailer seems fun, exciting, and real. I hope it reflects in the whole series.
(Tuesday 17 May 2016; 4:05)

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