Guess who's to blame for American Idol feud |

Monday 3 April 2017

Guess who's to blame for "American Idol" feud

Nicki Minaj has been catching lots of flack these days for being the mean girl and the bully - but according to recent reports, that was not the case for all of her celebrity beefs. One of the rapper's most iconic celeb feuds was with Mariah Carey while both ladies worked as judges on the twelfth season of American Idol.

Five years after the diva showdown, producers of the show are speaking out about the drama and pointing fingers at one star in particular. While speaking about Idol's 15-season run at a recent panel, Fox's former President of Alternative Programming, Mark Darnell, revealed, "The one you think was the problem, she wasn't the problem. Nicki was not the problem. There are tapes buried in chainsaw."

Despite Darnell's claims, no one knows the real reason why MC would start beef with then up-and-coming star, Minaj. However, some believe Carey became problematic after discovering she wouldn't be the only female on the panel as was initially promised. Five years later and both divas still carry dive-like reputations. At least now we know Nicki wasn't always the initiator.

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