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Thursday 23 June 2022

Engagement ring is most expensive celebrity jewel

Australian billionaire James Packer and pop superstar Mariah Carey called it quits in late 2016 after a whirlwind romance. And the engagement ring the casino mogul, 54, gave to the Without You singer, 52, has now been named the most expensive celebrity jewel of all time.

The 35-carat diamond ring cost James a whopping AU$13.2million (USD$10million) at the time he popped the question, according to DC Jewellery. The ring also generated a total of 62,760 Google searches, research shows.

One of Mariah's business managers is said to have "quietly" sold the ring to an LA jeweller for AU$2.78million (USD$2.1million) in 2018, the New York Post reported.

Her publicist told Page Six at the time: "Mariah has been very vocal recently about her choice to move forward in her life surrounded by positivity. That requires leaving emotional and material baggage behind, including an old engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend."

A source added that "a confidentiality agreement was signed" between Mariah and the jeweller, meaning details of the ring's sale may never be confirmed. "Mariah Carey's public relations people are desperately trying to keep the story from the press, and have threatened the jeweller with litigation if he discloses her name," the insider said.

The New York Post also quoted a source "from Carey's camp" who disputed the ring's alleged AU$13.2million price tag. They also insisted at the time that Mariah was not selling the ring because she was experiencing financial difficulties - highlighting her "multiple homes", extensive music catalogue and "successful tours and residencies".

Mariah got engaged to James, a Sydney-born casino mogul, in January 2016 after a whirlwind romance of less than a year. But in October 2016, it emerged they had separated amid rumours twice-married James had "reservations" about Mariah's reality TV career.

The wealthy businessman later told The Australian newspaper their short-lived relationship was a "mistake" for them both. Mariah is now dating 39-year-old dancer Bryan Tanaka, and James is in a long-term relationship with socialite Kylie Lim, who is in her early forties.

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Capri_ from China wrote:
I think Mariah probably didn't sell that ring. Her team made up this news just to confirm she already cleared up her relationship with JP. Because just like she said, diamonds are a girl's best friend.
(Saturday 25 June 2022; 15:54)

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