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Sunday 10 March 2024

Ariana Grande on Mariah Carey: "That is mother!"

Ariana Grande may be shining in her own right with her new album "eternal sunshine", but she's seizing the moment to shine a light on her idol, Mariah Carey. Speaking during part 2 of her insightful sit down on the Zach Sang Show on Amazon Music, Grande was quizzed on collaborating with Mimi on the "yes, and?" remix.

Gushing about the diva supreme, the songbird said: "She is the queen of my life. The reason I sing. She is my #1 vocal inspiration. She is mother. That's real mother. It's like the dream come true. It's like, if you're going to have anyone do a remix, it should be the queen of remixes and of 90s music and all music, and also the queen of my life. I love it so much, it elevated the song so much."

On asking Carey to feel free with her contribution, Grande added: "She did write her verse. I was like, 'if it's not too much to ask, please go. Do whatever you want.' She did the intro, all the high whistles, she did the pre-harmonies, she doubled the hook, I was like to my producer: 'Can you please make her vocals louder than everything else in the song? I want to only hear the harmonies. I want to only hear her adlibs. I want to be in the background, as quiet as possible. This is my heaven.' It's just so surreal."

Later in the interview, Grande continued to gush about Carey as well as her other inspiration Imogen Heap: "My idol is Mariah and Imogen Heap and I feel like I sit somewhere in between the two of them. That's where my brain learned everything. From Imogen on the production side, and Mariah from the vocal and songwriting side. And both of them in a blender has always been my goal, I suppose."

"I loved watching Imogen. When I was a little girl, I fell in love with her. I wanted to have all of the technology she used on stage, and I wanted to wrap leaves in my hair and have a looping machine and a Tenori-on and all these weird things. I wanted to produce and loop and write, so I just studied and learned."

(That Grape Juice)

Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter wrote:
Nice of Ariana to continue to praise Mariah. Also glad she clarified that she wanted Mariah to be louder than her. Hope that shuts up people that claimed Mariah was showing off or yelling.
(Monday 11 March 2024; 01:25)

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