Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester |

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester

Seems Singer/Songwriter Mariah Carey likes steak. And she especially likes it at Benjamin Steakhouse in White Plains. The influential artist, known for her five-octave vocal range and signature use of the whistle register, spent May 11 celebrating Mother's Day at the steakhouse. She's been to the restaurant multiple times, for the last two years on Valentine's Day.

Carey, a former Westchester resident, has long been associated with the county. She filmed her 1995 music video for her album "Fantasy" at Playland in 2020 where, if you watch closely, you can see her rollerblading near the boardwalk entrance, riding the Dragon Coaster, and dancing on top of cars.

She was also seen last July with her family riding the Dragon Coaster (twice) and enjoying the Double Shot, the latter of which launches passengers through two cycles of positive and negative "G" experiences - back to back.


Chicago Lamb from USA wrote:
Mariah must have visited her mother Patricia. This warms my heart, glad the kids get to see her.
(Thursday 16 May 2024; 14:26)
Brad from USA wrote:
Westchester has mixed meanings for MC. But it was a respite from the pandemic and hopefully has a more positive meaning to her now. Good things come from White Plains, like this ole lamb. Be well.
(Monday 20 May 2024; 20:06)

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