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The remix (106,484) by Edward from USA
I'm not trying to be negative, but the "Made for Me" remix feels pointless. If this is the best studio magic can do, it's disappointing. Now I understand why there hasn't been any new music for such a long time. In a new album, she would need to bring her voice to the forefront in all the tracks, and that’s what’s missing. What happened to her beautiful whistle tones? They were pristine on MIAM. I'm really sad about this.
(Thursday 23 May 2024; 00:07)
Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,440) by Edward from USA
Patricia not staying married to Alfred is Tommy's fault. I thought you knew, it's all part of the Truwoman Show. Everybody knows that.
(Sunday 19 May 2024; 13:49)
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Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,432) by Edward from USA
In all those interviews, Mariah looks very comfortable with her mother. As I mentioned, twice off-camera at the Beacon Theater, I saw Mariah and her mother together. Mariah didn't need to pretend anything, she was hugging her mother, joking, and they seemed like best friends. Something doesn't add up here, but as good fans, we should support Mariah's narrative. It's what loyal fans do, doesn't it?

I'm not saying she didn't have any negative experiences with her mother, everyone has their issues, but her mother was never mentioned negatively by Mariah or anyone else. While we have evidence of Mariah's erratic behavior, let's, as good fans, remember that never happened.

It seems to me, according to what we've witnessed through the years, that Mariah never holds herself accountable for anything. There's an excuse for everything, there's always something or somebody to blame.
(Saturday 18 May 2024; 02:39)
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Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,426) by Edward from USA
I'm not buying any of it. You don't record a duet with someone you portray as a bad parent in an interview. When Mariah started her Christmas shows at Beacon Theater, I personally witnessed the strong relationship they had. It wasn't just for show, Tommy wasn't involved, and her mother wasn't even on stage. She was simply there to support Mariah. After the show ended, I saw them hugging and being very affectionate.

Mariah's mother was never depicted as exploiting Mariah for money, yet there's ample evidence of Mariah experiencing severe mental strain, culminating in a nervous breakdown during the "Glitter" era. According to Mariah, she just needed rest - indeed, she needed some 911 rest alright.
(Friday 17 May 2024; 18:05)
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Article: Mariah spent Mother's Day weekend in Westchester (106,419) by Edward from USA
I will never understand the sudden disdain Mariah developed for her mother. Her mother was a significant presence in her life, and Mariah often praised her. It was her mother who encouraged her to say, "When I make it," instead of "If I make it." Referring to her mother as just "Pat" after all these years feels both strange and sad to me. While Patricia may not have been perfect, she certainly doesn't seem like the monster Mariah portrays her to be.

I know she has never forgiven her for calling 911 during her highly publicized nervous breakdown. For some reason, she blames her mother for everything that followed. However, I believe Patricia may have saved her life, as Mariah was definitely acting very erratically at the time.
(Thursday 16 May 2024; 18:22)
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Is MC's vocal technique still there? (106,410) by Edward from USA
Robert-Anthony, there's nothing wrong with having hope. I'm constantly hopeful that Mariah will regain her voice to a level where she can comfortably sing an entire song without relying on smoke and mirrors. I think being hopeful is always good, but being realistic is more important.

Changing the subject, It's been nearly six years since we last had a 10-track album from Mariah. She could've released a couple of well put together EP's. Forget about the charts, forget about record deals, give something to your hardcore fans.
(Tuesday 14 May 2024; 00:02)
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Is MC's vocal technique still there? (106,407) by Edward from USA
Mastering vocal technique without possessing a captivating voice is akin to honing skills in a field where natural aptitude is lacking. Technique alone falls short, if it were the sole determinant, Mariah would undoubtedly be crafting vocal masterpieces consistently, yet reality paints a different picture.

While we have discussed her voice ad nauseam at this point, let's not venture into Delulu Land. The fluidity, clarity, and effortless delivery that once defined her seem to have been long gone.

In hindsight, Mariah's involvement in the "Yes, And" remix missed the mark. Neither did she enhance the track nor did her signature whistle did the trick or sounded pleasant. Even though I'm not one of those "they wronged poor MC" fans, this seems to have been a set up. Ariana wanted her to be the loudest voice in the track, well, she was, but it didn't mean it was the best voice.

"Made for Me" peaked at #20, but now it's sitting at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100. While it still retains an ascending bullet, I don't see how Mariah involvement would make it gain momentum.

Mariah would be better served focusing on original music rather than lending her talents to forgettable collaborations.

Sorry about it.
(Monday 13 May 2024; 14:06)
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Autocue (106,333) by Edward from USA
Suggesting that Mariah has Alzheimer's would be extremely insensitive. It could potentially be an onset of early dementia though.
(Thursday 2 May 2024; 17:23)
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Article: Daniel Bedingfield will release lost Mariah Carey duet (106,325) by Edward from USA
We Gotta Get Thru This.
(Thursday 2 May 2024; 02:27)
More Taylor (106,311) by Edward from USA
Your post just brought me back. The constant invocation of the race card feels tired and overused, at this point it's kind of slickening.

Mariah Carey once held the same formidable position in the music industry that Taylor Swift now occupies. During her reign, Mariah stood tall at the pinnacle of success while other esteemed artists gradually receded from the spotlight. Such is the cycle of life in the music world. Mariah's dominance coincided with a generation that grew up immersed in her timeless melodies, perhaps unaware of the legendary artists who paved the way before her.

While I may not personally resonate with Taylor's music, it's important to acknowledge the undeniable facts: her numbers speak volumes, much like Mariah's did in the '90s. Though I wouldn't personally invest in Taylor's work due to my own tastes, it's clear that millions around the globe find immense appeal in her music. This is undeniably her moment to shine.

As fans, it's natural to root for our favorites and celebrate their successes. However, it's equally important to do so without disparaging other artists. Mariah herself has faced unwarranted criticism in the past, and as fans, we should understand the importance of uplifting our idols without tearing down others.

Man you all have a great day.
(Sunday 28 April 2024; 18:16)
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Happy forever 12 Edward (106,117) by Edward from USA
Stacey and Mimi L, thank you.
(Saturday 6 April 2024; 06:34)
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Happy forever 12 Edward (106,112) by Edward from USA
Thank you, TJ. I appreciate it.
(Friday 5 April 2024; 18:54)
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Stacey and Robert (105,585) by Edward from USA
It's just little break. I'm not leaving board.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 21:35)
Herd mentality (105,576) by Edward from USA
I do not follow the herd mentality. It's perfectly fine if 99 percent of people love the "Yes, And?" remix. I've always advocated for people expressing their opinions here, even if they differ from my own. I will respectfully express my views, even if they diverge from the prevailing consensus.

I think it's time for me to take a break from this board. Peace to all.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:29)
And yes, Mariah's sound (105,575) by Edward from USA
While you may not be a fashion expert, you still hold opinions on fashion, just as others may have opinions on medical matters. As I mentioned, these are simply opinions. While I might disagree with your opinion, I would never discourage you from expressing it.

One need not be an expert to recognize when Mariah doesn't look great in certain outfits, just as one need not be a doctor to sense when something is amiss health-wise with someone. Speculation is something we can all engage in, regardless of our expertise.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:14)
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Writing (105,574) by Edward from USA
I believe this is something Mariah should have pursued long ago, especially considering the lengthy gaps between her album releases. Given her talent and experience, she could have been an exceptional record producer/lyricist for other artists. I wonder why she never chose to explore this avenue.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 17:05)
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No, but (105,571) by Edward from USA
I wasn't fixated on the song's chart performance, my primary focus was Mariah matching Ariana's delivery. I didn't expect Mariah to overshadow Ariana or turn it into a vocal showdown, I just I simply hoped they'd harmonize well together.

Ariana didn't resing anything for the remix, much like how Mariah didn't resing anything for "Whenever You Call" with Brian McKnight. The ball was on Mariah's court, she had the opportunity to elevate the song with her input. A mere loud whistle or high note no longer suffices. Ariana's whistle notes seamlessly integrate into the song, whereas Mariah's feel less natural.

I'm hopeful that a proper collaboration between Mariah and Ariana on Mariah's next album will yield a timeless song akin to "When You Believe". Sorry if that's too much to ask.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 15:58)
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And yes, Mariah's sound (105,569) by Edward from USA
It's merely an opinion, akin to when you suggest certain outfits or styles for her to wear or not. You're not a fashion expert, just as I am not a doctor. However, we form our opinions based on what we observe. It's not as though Mariah is going to discard her wardrobe at the suggestion of one, or opt for surgical procedures at the suggestion of another.

Listening to the remix, it's apparent that there may be some significant issues with her voice. Whether we choose to gloss over it is a separate matter.

Considering we're discussing Mariah Carey here, the legend, hearing her on a remix sounding like this is quite perplexing to me, that's all. I now understand why she probably hasn't released new music in a such a long time.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 15:29)
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Let's get it to number one (105,561) by Edward from USA
Both versions of the song are considered as one for charting purposes, with only the most popular version being displayed on the charts. This was the case with the Big Energy Remix; while it certainly boosted the original track's visibility, it didn't surpass its popularity. Consequently, Mariah's version didn't appear on the charts. It's not that she wasn't credited, she was, but the version she was credited for wasn't the most popular one.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 01:52)
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And yes, Mariah's sound (105,559) by Edward from USA
I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. It's perplexing how even studio production couldn't conceal or refine her delivery on the "Yes, And?" remix. Your point about the microphone possibly capturing the true state of her voice makes sense. Considering this is the best she could come up with even with studio manipulations, it leaves me curious about the raw quality of her vocals. At this stage, when even her whistle register is lacking its usual brilliance, I believe it might be prudent for her to consider undergoing vocal nodule removal.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 01:43)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,550) by Edward from USA
The good thing is that they usually release clean versions nowadays. In Mariah's defense though, she didn't write the cuss parts on the song.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 22:12)
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"Yes" (105,544) by Edward from USA
The remix of '"Yes, and?' was released when the original single was already losing traction, making its impact minimal. Moreover, the remix fails to elevate the essence of the original. In my humble opinion, ccllaborating on this remix was a huge mistake, she should've reserved such a collaboration for different a project. I understand that many enjoy the remix, but I find myself surprised to admit that in this case Ariana's vocals outshines Mariah's. While Ariana exudes smoothness and effortlessness, Mariah sounds like a dying cat, to the point where even her signature whistle notes sound off. Crucify me if you want to.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 18:16)
Not happy (105,461) by Edward from USA
It wouldn't be a remix, but a new completely song. Billboard remix rules changed more than a decade ago. This is the same song with some new vocals.
(Friday 16 February 2024; 05:24)
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Is that Mariah? (105,401) by Edward from USA
Mariah needs to break free from her comfort zone and embark on a journey of boldness and innovation. It's time for her own "Ray of Light" moment. The issue lies in the predictability of Mariah Carey's offerings. To truly make an impact, she must astonish the music scene with unexpected sounds and styles. Without this transformation, her next single/project may simply fade into obscurity.
(Wednesday 14 February 2024; 00:24)
Mariah shoudn't (105,389) by Edward from USA
"Yes, And?" has lost its spark. Despite debuting at #1, it swiftly tumbled to #17 in its following week, and now faces a further decline, with predictions forecasting a drop to #24. Marked by a red bullet on the charts, its streaming and play counts have sharply declined.

Its initial debut at the top position can be attributed to the strategy of releasing seven slightly different versions at a discounted price, coupled with the intense longing of Ariana's fans for new music, who streamed the song relentlessly.

Considering the song's current state, Mariah would be wise to avoid joining a remix of a track that has already lost its appeal. Instead, she should focus her efforts on being involved in a fresh project from its inception.
(Monday 12 February 2024; 22:58)
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