Mariah Carey to make DJ debut this weekend in Las Vegas |

Thursday 23 June 2016

Mariah Carey to make DJ debut this weekend in Las Vegas

Mariah Carey is a lot of things - including an icon - and until now, the esteemed songstress had never been anything close to a DJ. But because people like to party, the diva is going to try her hand at spinning some thumping club music this weekend at the 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas. Mariah tweeted the event's details on Wednesday, letting the Sin City faithful know that she's going to invade the club on Saturday, June 25.

Thump explains that Saturday's Mimi-as-DJ-set is (likely) the first time she's ever spun tracks for a large audience. Carrey will be performing alongside DJ Suss One, who happens to be her longtime DJ.

Mariah's been performing all sorts of off-kilter stunts lately: Earlier this month, she parodied her classic MTV Cribs episode by jumping in a bubble bath with Jimmy Kimmel. And just three days before that, she wore lingerie to the "pajama party" episode of Live with Kelly Rippa. If those stunts fit your fancy, you can see Mariah do her best Tiƫsto impression by purchasing tickets to the event here.


Musti from UK wrote:
I'm quite excited about this. I am not sure what to expect but it might inspire her to try new things on the next album. I doubt it will be anything like Tiesto (and I really hope not). But if she ends up experimenting with other producers/DJs like George Fitzgerald, Saje, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Nicolas Jaar, etc I'm all for it. There is so much talent out there. It's just a matter of being aware of it.
(Thursday 23 June 2016; 16:02)

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