Fans spent $6,000 to push Glitter to number 14 on iTunes |

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Fans spent $6,000 to push Glitter to number 14 on iTunes

The latest campaign to revive one of Mariah Carey's dormant albums on the charts is over. "Glitter", soundtrack to one of the worst movies ever made, is now number 96 on iTunes. But on Friday and Saturday, "Glitter" rose to number 14. It almost went higher, but it was blunted by albums people really wanted.

In the end, Carey's fans spent roughly $6,000 to push "Glitter" to that sad number. The album sold 599 copies, according to BuzzAngle. It cost $9.99 on iTunes per download. Another 275 copies were sold via streaming, but their cost would be counted through subscriptions and not reflected in the iTunes chart.

Last week, "Glitter" sold 2 downloads and had 3 more sales through streaming. That's five. "Gaming" the chart means that fans organized and bought a quantity in one stretch of time to make the album shoot up the chart. In November 2018, when we were all more naive and innocent, the Carey fans managed to "Glitter" to number 1 for a day.

This time, however, there were too many new releases, and too many wise observers. Also, iTunes didn't discount the price.

Did 600 people really spend 10 bucks apiece on this idiotic enterprise? Or is it fewer people buying more copies? Whatever it was, it's over. There's only so much money to throw away. BTW, Mariah Carey would have been more impressed with the fans if they'd given $6,000 to the homeless or to a COVID charity. She doesn't get that six thousands bucks. It went to Sony Music.


Andrew from the United Kingdom wrote:
I am bit surprised that this person is allowed to act as a journalist. His or her writing smacks of an embittered teenage girl writing in her angsty diary. The "article" is poorly written, pointless in content and actually seeks to mock and degrade a part of its readership. What sort of editor allows this? What sort of editor allows this and feels pride in their output? A crap editor, for certain. Or, perhaps, just another queen that never grew out of the teeny-tantrum faze. Either way, this is really awful "journalism". Does the composer of the piece really believe people will think him or her smart? Clever? They should lop the top of the "l" off and make that their new logo: gutter.
(Tuesday 26 May 2020; 17:01)
Travis from USA wrote:
Andrew, I couldn't have said it better. I respect his opinion, but obviously the lambily don't care. We all know Mariah's ups, downs, and achievements. It's getting to the point where I don't bother reading or commenting on his articles because it's like he had a bad day and it rubs off into verbally knocking someone down. Mariah's an icon and legend. One of the best selling artists of all time. Still holding music records today. It's not for nothing.
(Tuesday 26 May 2020; 19:15)

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