Shocking secret about Mariah Carey iconic cover |

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Shocking secret about Mariah Carey iconic cover

In a bid to look hot, a professional photographer claimed Mariah Carey ran her scissors on a designer dress that she believed did not look sexy enough during the shoot of her 2005 album cover, The Emancipation of Mimi.

During an interview with Page Six, the snapper Markus Klinko alleged the Grammy winner "grabbed her scissors, she told her stylist, ‘Make this show more leg.'"

He continued, "He wanted to cut the dress. And the stylist was very reluctant because he was probably petrified. You don't just cut designer dresses up. He kind of didn't know what to do." Amid the impasse, the celebrity shutterbug revealed, Mariah took matters into her own hands.

"She just grabbed her scissors and cut a few more openings into that dress. And I say the rest is history because it became literally one of the most iconic music covers of all time."

Describing the scissors, Markus said, "And they were not normal scissors; they were definitely Mariah," he pointed to the pop icon's abrupt move to make the gown "sexier", led him to recall Johnny Depp's long-blades movie character, Edward Scissorhands.

"Mariah Scissorhands: I love that title because she was so good with it, too! She was, like, done in two seconds," he noted. "She knew exactly what she wanted."

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Libra Lamb from USA wrote:
Why does this not surprise me? Mimi will always do Mimi.
(Thursday 14 March 2024; 06:20)

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